5 Revealing Questions for Artist AMANACER

Amanacer’s upcoming art show « Golden Dreams » is brimming with aqua resin and blue magic. HaitiLuxe sat down with Amanacer to ask a five questions before her June 3rd launch.

Reves_Dores_YANVALOU_Poster to print


Amanacer’s upcoming art show «  Golden Dreams »  is brimming with aqua resin and blue magic. After a successful showing at the Alliance Francaise in Cap Haitian, she added new pieces to the series and is ready to bring it to Port-au-Prince. If you’re in Haiti, stop by Yanvalou Bar-Resto in Pacot from June 3-10, 2017.

Amanacer_Art 2016 2017-27

To create this series of paintings and resin tables the Haiti-based artist used a tricky new method of infusing epoxy resin with handmade dyes.

It’s called ‘fluid art’ and we’re in love.

HaitiLuxe sat down with Amanacer to ask a five questions before her June 3rd launch.


Amanacer_Art 2016 2017-12

“Carvalho Beach” Resin Art Side Table. Inspired by Portugal’s Algarve Coast.

Amanacer_Art Portugal-37

#1. Where are you from?

I was born near Toronto, Canada then grew up in Port-au-Prince, Haiti from ages 7 to 17. I’m back living in Haiti now, and despite all the chaos it’s where I feel most at home. Here I’m able to connect with my most vibrant, creative self.

Amanacer_Art 2016 2017-6

#2. What’s the meaning behind your series title “Golden Dreams”?

Golden Dreams refers to the dream I had of moving back to Haiti when I was living in Canada. I left when I was 17 and never thought I’d live abroad for so long. I spent time in Brazil, Ethiopia, Argentina, and worked in Canada for 5 years. So this series is about coming home to the sea, to the country, and to myself.

In 2015, after 10 years I moved back to Haiti and started teaching myself how to use resin and working on this art series. Feeling like I belong has always been a struggle  because I belong to two cultures and art helps me worth through it.  As a blond I usually get taken for a foreigner, not a blue-eyed Haitian-Canadian. I guess we are a rare breed, but it feels good to break stereotypes.

Amanacer_Art 2016 2017-54

#3. What’s your star sign?

I’m a Scorpio-Libra Cusper. All heart, mind and passion trying to lead at the same time.

 #4. What’s with all the aqua blue and ocean motifs?

I  have a lot of dreams about the sea, and painting them helps me understand the insights the dreams can offer. Plus, floating in the sea is my happy place. On a metaphoric level, immersion in ocean connects us to the seat of feminine instincts.

I’ve created a whole range of symbols that form my personal mythology including the ocean, mermaids, vévé inspired compasses, etc… You’ve seen my body art series Ritual Art Tattos, right? Same vibe.

If you check out my full portfolio at you’ll get a feel for the whole visual mythology behind ‘Amanacer’ and the story behind my artist name too.

Amanacer_Art 2016 2017-16


 #5. What’s up next for Amanacer?

Lots of resin tables! Each table is named after a different beach, so you can bet I’ll continue beach-hopping and traveling the globe in search of new inspiration too. Each piece is made in Haiti and I try to keep the prices affordable, so demand has been high so far.

Throwing a solo-show is a lot of work, so after the June 3-10 art show at Yanvalou Bar I’ll be taking some time off… but not much. The muses won’t let me chill for too long.

Amanacer_Art 2016 2017-29

Follow @Amanacer_Art on Instagram or check for her latest paintings, boho-luxe adventures and creative projects.

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